Paul Gosar

GosarRep. Paul Gosar(R-AZ), released on Twitter an alarming "anime" wherein he as th main character assassinate Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and sword fighting with President Joe Biden. The purview of such threats fall within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Secret Service. No News to date on their investigation if any Twitter flagged the video however it remains accessible to the public at this writing. Twitter stated in a press release, "This Tweet violates the Twitter Rules about hatful conduct. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public's interest for the Tweet to remain accessible." [ read here ] We cannot overstate how dangerously alarming this is. Deference to hate should not be given to political leaders. Politicians have followers who may act out the implied violence and we need no further evidence than 6th January 2021! Twitter is a clear and present danger to our society and should be broken up into smaller entities if not eliminated totally. The United States of America Television and Radio communications must abide to strict censorship of content. It’s about damn time that social media platforms be held to the same. The U.S Congress needs to get to work on legislation to curve this deadly monster or we are doomed as a civil society. The U.S. Secret Service should be investigating this and arresting Paul Gosar and hauling Twitter executives in for allowing the posting of implied death threats to elected officials. This madness must not go unchecked nor unchallenged.

Gosar shouldn’t be allowed to breath fresh air let alone be on any social media platform. [@RepGosar on Twitter]

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Donald John Trump
Individual1Our noble founding ancestors, imperfect and flawed humans as thy were forged and gave birth to the republic during the 'Enlightenment Era' of the 18th Century. They yearned to be free masters with inalienable rights of self-determination. It is an irony that on 06 January 2021 the “America First”, “MAGA” folks fueled by ignorance and conspiracy almost over threw the United States of Americas government. Leading that failed attempt was the twice impeached, one term President Donald John Trump aka Individual1.

This was a defining moment for the “great experiment” since our founders methodologically, painstakingly laid out in our U.S. Constitution. Two hundred and thirty-five years since the founding of our great Democratic Republic and nothing has disrupted our hopes for our nation’s future or its people until this unruly melee.

The afternoon of 06 January 2021 shocked citizens of the most successful Democracy known to mankind and the world. Today’s social media and Live television instantly beaming images of an angry armed mob breaking into the U.S Capitol building. Ubiquitous Trump, QAnon and U.S Confederate Battle flags hoisted on metal poles carried by duped defiant rightwing “Stop The Steal “conspiracy folks flooded the meticulously manicured lawns as the unruly crowd made its way into the gallery of the “People’s House.’ This was an affront to everything most law-abiding citizens held sacred. After the unfathomable egregious transgression was contained by law enforcement and the National Guard, I myself holdup overseas during the COVID19pandemic was seething.

Irish humanists Edmund Burke said, “Good order is the foundation of all things.”

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Boot Up This Is Not A Drill

/ 27 May 2021

Salute BREAKING NEWS: On Friday 28/05/2021 Thirty-seven U.S Senators voted not to permit the formation of an independent 06 January investigation committee into the insurrection. Eleven U.S Senators did not vote, including Senator Kyrsten Sinema D-AZ [@Kyrstensinema on Twitter]. They failed to uphold their constitutional oaths placing fealty to Donald John Trump and/or did so in attempts to cement their re-election campaigns. This is unacceptable. It is treason.

Solemnly, two days from now, some of us will observe Memorial Day, visiting members of our family who lost their lives serving our country. Memorial Day is a federal holiday established in the 19th Century to honor those who died while in service to the United States of America. Regardless of what military campaign, popular or unpopular, e.g., Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq Wars. It should go without saying, but because of the strange times we are living, excludes those combatants who fought to severe the Union.

To be clear, this author is a one hundred percent rated service-connected disabled U.S. Army veteran. These posts are written, this web domain is maintained with one intention, challenging all patriots to become active in our political process, regardless of party affiliation, holding out that critical thinking and rational reasoning prevails in your ultimate political decisions.

Those of us who have worn the uniform are lifetime members of a fraternity of brotherhood. We affirm to protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Our oaths of fidelity are not taken lightheartedly, at least not by the vast majority. We understand that the military is not a Democracy, no battle campaigns would be victorious if otherwise. When we raise our right hands and take that sacred oath our independent of free thought changes, if not ends. Our constitutional borne rights as Americans remains however with limited scope. We freely submit to working in a collective enterprise and to obey all lawful orders given by our superiors. The “Freedoms” that are constitutionally all citizens and our birth rights are abbreviated while in military confines and our freedom is beholding to the military justice system. The standards are higher in service to the nation for military personnel. Wearing the uniforms of the various military branches is a privilege and honor. If you cannot accept the traditions, policies, monolithic cohesiveness of the institution, you should stay on the porch and allow the big dogs to take command of the field.

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Josh Hawley

Josh HawleyU.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), collected millions of dollars immediately following the 06 January 2021 insurrection. Hawley voted in the U. S. Senate not to certify the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. Throughout his tenure as senator, he has supported Donald John Trump and aided the Trump Campaign promulgate the "Big Lie." The motto of his home state of Missouri is, “Show Me.”

Josh has shown us in his public history that he has two vastly different opposite personas. Which begs the question how can one be from a privileged lifestyle, private high school, attend Stanford and Yale Universities, relate to the common and average constitute in his state? The answer is simple, he cannot. Josh has whored himself to the highest bidders raising an astronomical amount of money for his campaign war chest and the most guidable to ascend rapidly to the highest echelons of power, with a hope of the U.S. presidency. He is reckless and calculating – don’t underestimate this charlatan.

Josh Hawley is dangerous as he plays U.S. Senator. I cannot understand why for instance our congressional leadership allows individuals like him that participated in, supported and appeared at the “Big Lie” “Stop the Steal” rally to be seated on committees which are charged with investigating them. This is counterproductive to the process.

Josh’s history of anger prior to entering politics is alarming. He has often since teenager slutted himself out to the extremists’ views. Take for example at age 15 his expressed sympathy regarding Domestic Terrorist Timothy McVeigh. Hawley is in our opinion, as most of the insurrectionist, are despicably angry terrorists. They fear the loss of privilege as the perceived or real, browning of America, its undeniable racist.

Hawley has on great ambition not to be a public servant helping others moreover to use anyone achieve power. He is as his idol and mentor Donald John Trump a clear imminent and dangerous threat to our democratic republic. He and those with similar character deficiencies like him must be stopped or we the people lose.

[@HawleyMO on Twitter]

Backstory: Grievance, rebellion and burnt bridges: Tracing Josh Hawley’s path to the insurrection

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Marjorie Taylor Greene

marjorie_taylor_greeneU.S Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is devoid of common decency and a diehard QAnon conspiracy enthusiast. I could use many nouns in describing her attributes and the lack thereof however I won’t divulge into vulgarity because I am my parents son. They, mentors and educators instilled something in my character which she lacks; humility, manners and decency. The most dangerous perhaps of her character is that she takes pride emulating, Donald John Trump – as a short stocky female version. The folks in the great state of Georgia truly missed the mark sending this empty vessel as their representative in the United States congress. Alas, a correction in 2022 and the nation will forgive our neighbors in Georgia. It was a one-off we sincerely hope. Marjorie has a history of bullying others, grifting tax dollars and allegedly adulterous affairs consummated with ( If you are curious, click links to view her rutting selections [ Craig, Sex Guru ] and [ Justin, Gym Owner ]) Well, at least they weren’t Marjorie’s cousins as far as we know!

This author suffering himself from chronic military service PTSD has witnessed more stable persons in our group therapy meeting at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. Marjorie Taylor Greene needs an urgent medical intervention, stat. This won’t cure here racism nor her intellectual deficiencies but it will help her locate a calm place in her brain.

[@MTGREENEE on Twitter]

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GQP Reps. Hice,Clyde & Norman

hice-clyde-normanThere’s a special corner of Hell for U.S. Representatives Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), Rep.Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.), Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.). Jody, Andrew and Ralph insisted in a recent congressional committee hearing that the participants in the 01/06/21 insurrection were “tourists” with a small infiltration of left-wing agitators. The Arizona representatives, Biggs and Gosar are floating QAnon conspiracy theories to entice empath for the terrorists. Here's Video so thy cannot deny or walk back their lies. And reporting by Forbes on the tourist remarks by our esteemed ignorant enablers.

Let's be absolutely clear about these attempts of desensitizing what occurred - it was an act of treason, full STOP! Those entering or attempting to enter the "closed” Capitol building should face the maximum penalties. Innocent citizens of this great nation have been executed for doing far less and on circumstantial evidence. Jurist who are lenient should be removed from their benches.

And as for the congressional representatives who make statements supporting or making attempts to dilute the severity, I ‘ve a few suggestions. 1. Remove their U.S. Capitol police security details. 2. Expulsion from U.S Congress 3. Charge them with Treason. In my opinin one or all are workable remedies, choose any but do it soon.

These aforementioned government elected officials voted not to certify the 2020 election results. They are worshipers of Donald John Trump. Perhaps if the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) researched them, their families and contacts, the FBI might link some if not all to the organization of the “Big Lie” rally. These people are dangerous, none of whom could ever apply for and receive a Top-Secret Security clearance, which ought to be a perquisite of members of the U.S. Congress.

Backstory: GQP Congressional Clash

[@CongressmanHice on Twitter] [@Rep_Clyde on Twitter] [@RepRalphNorman on Twitter] [@RepAndyBiggsAZ on Twitter] [@RepGosar on Twitter]

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Madison Cawthorn

Madison CawthornRep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), is a colorful GOP firebrand from North Carolina.   He participated in the Trump campaign "Big Lie." Madison also weaved his own lies to get elected. He claimed that on his way to the U.S. Navy Academy he was in an automobile accident which nearly killed him. That's a lie. The Navy  Academy had rejected Madison's application [ read here ]  for admission sometime prior to the automobile accident that left him paralazed from the waist down.  He's been accused of ant-semitism, racism and of being a White Supremacists sympathizer . His spinal Titanium palates are the only things real about him.  Cawthorn  was an invited speaker at the Donald John Trump  06 January 2021 insurrection incitement rally.  He also was one of 139 members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted in opposition to the certification of the 2020 elections.  

Cawthorn is a vile, venomous cretin and should be booted from congress. If the Democrats had "Titanium" spinal cords they'd make this happen soon rather than later. 

  [@CawthornforNC on Twitter]

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Jim Jordan

Jim JordanRep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), co-founder of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus and a top Trump defender in Congress, he has a rich history of controversy.  He advocated and supported " the Big Lie." Jordan was one of 139 members of the U.S. House of Representatives who opposed the certification of the 2020 election.  

Jim Jordan is a scoundral who was named in a new class action lawsuit for his role in the ongoing scandal over sexual abuse at Ohio State University.  Jordan served as Assistant Head Coach of Ohio State University Wrestling team.  Jim has neither integrity nor honor. Expulsion from Congress isn't enough, he should be charged with sedition and if found guilty, incarcerated for many years. Watch these two videos of  former Ohio State University wrestlers as they give details how Mr. Jordan ignored alleged sexual predatory behavior of one of his staff.

  [@Jim_Jordan on Twitter]

Video 1: YouTube
Video 1: CNN News

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