DonateThank you for landing our websites donation page. Itís our social media footprint and with your assistance we sincerely hope to make a difference in helping lift veteransí voices in shaping our beloved nations future.

If you'd like to offer assistance and help us meet our challenging but not insurmountable goals, please consider making a gift. You may begin by clicking on the "QR" code image to enlarge and scan it with your mobile device. Or you may use one of the secure hyperlinks below to make your tax-deductible donation to association.

Our overall mission is to raise awareness about disabled veterans and to help our brothers in need. This requires informed political leaders. We place country over political affiliations. Always too remembering our oaths to the Constitution to defend the republic against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Our allegiance is not to any one man nor political party but to the Republic, veterans and the exceptional citizens we call neighbors.

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