Paul Gosar

GosarRep. Paul Gosar(R-AZ), released on Twitter an alarming "anime" wherein he as th main character assassinate Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and sword fighting with President Joe Biden. The purview of such threats fall within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Secret Service. No News to date on their investigation if any Twitter flagged the video however it remains accessible to the public at this writing. Twitter stated in a press release, "This Tweet violates the Twitter Rules about hatful conduct. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public's interest for the Tweet to remain accessible." [ read here ] We cannot overstate how dangerously alarming this is. Deference to hate should not be given to political leaders. Politicians have followers who may act out the implied violence and we need no further evidence than 6th January 2021! Twitter is a clear and present danger to our society and should be broken up into smaller entities if not eliminated totally. The United States of America Television and Radio communications must abide to strict censorship of content. It’s about damn time that social media platforms be held to the same. The U.S Congress needs to get to work on legislation to curve this deadly monster or we are doomed as a civil society. The U.S. Secret Service should be investigating this and arresting Paul Gosar and hauling Twitter executives in for allowing the posting of implied death threats to elected officials. This madness must not go unchecked nor unchallenged.

Gosar shouldn’t be allowed to breath fresh air let alone be on any social media platform. [@RepGosar on Twitter]

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