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Marjorie Taylor Greene
Individual1U.S Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is devoid of common decency and a diehard QAnon conspiracy enthusiast. I could use many nouns in describing her attributes and the lack thereof however I won’t divulge into vulgarity because I am my parents son. They, mentors and educators instilled something in my character which she lacks; humility, manners and decency. The most dangerous perhaps of her character is that she takes pride emulating, Donald John Trump – as a short stocky female version. The folks in the great state of Georgia truly missed the mark sending this empty vessel as their representative in the United States congress. Alas, a correction in 2022 and the nation will forgive our neighbors in Georgia. It was a one-off we sincerely hope. Marjorie has a history of bullying others, grifting tax dollars and allegedly adulterous affairs consummated with ( If you are curious, click links to view her rutting selections [ Craig, Sex Guru ] and [ Justin, Gym Owner ]) Well, at least they weren’t Marjorie’s cousins as far as we know!

This author suffering himself from chronic military service PTSD has witnessed more stable persons in our group therapy meeting at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. Marjorie Taylor Greene needs an urgent medical intervention, stat. This won’t cure here racism nor her intellectual deficiencies but it will help her locate a calm place in her brain.

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