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Individual1Our noble founding ancestors, imperfect and flawed humans as thy were forged and gave birth to the United States of America during the 'Enlightenment Era' of the 18th Century. They yearned to be free masters with inalienable rights of self-determination. It is an irony that on 06 January 2021 the “America First”, “MAGA” folks fueled by ignorance and conspiracy almost over threw the U.S. government. Leading that failed attempt was the twice impeached, one term President Donald John Trump aka Individual1.

This was a defining moment for the “great experiment” since our founders methodologically, painstakingly laid out in our U.S. Constitution. Two hundred and thirty-five years since the founding of our great Democratic Republic and nothing has disrupted our hopes for our nation’s future or its people until this unruly melee.

The afternoon of 06 January 2021 shocked citizens of the most successful Democracy known to mankind and the world. Today’s social media and Live television instantly beaming images of an angry armed mob breaking into the U.S Capitol building. Ubiquitous Trump, QAnon and U.S Confederate Battle flags hoisted on metal poles carried by duped defiant rightwing “Stop The Steal “conspiracy folks flooded the meticulously manicured lawns as the unruly crowd made its way into the gallery of the “People’s House.’ This was an affront to everything most law-abiding citizens held sacred. After the unfathomable egregious transgression was contained by law enforcement and the National Guard,I myself holdup overseas during the COVID19pandemic was seething.

Irish humanists Edmund Burke said, “Good order is the foundation of all things.”

Irish humanists Edmund Burke said, “Good order is the foundation of all things.”

Donald John Trump entered the political arena mocking social norms and mores. At no time in his life has he ever shown any semblance of decency, class nor empathy. His unhinged and disruptive characteristic appealed to a small segment of the population. While small in number they unfortunately were enough, combined with ample voter apathy to allow him to eke out victory over the Democratic candidate in 2016. The businessman Trump had a well-established history exceeding 70 years of being a self-promoting con-artist who lacked character, intellectual depth or humility. In pursuit of the presidency and while in office Donald John Trump manipulated his followers using hate, fear and ignorance to consolidate and hold onto the reins of power.

No domestic or external adversarial threats in our nations’ history parallels that accomplished by Donald John Trump and his ardent misguided, deplorable followers. None. Trump’s followers were coerced into believing the “Big Lie” that something nefarious occurred during the 2020 elections. He sowed the seeds for mistrust stating in Summer 2020, several months prior to the November polls. He stated on the campaign trails as early as July 2020 that if he didn't win the upcoming election that it was "rigged". This sedition was a conspiracy masterminded by Donald John Trump and enabled by his inner circle; Ivanka Trump, Donald John Trump, Jr, Jared Kushner, Eric Trump, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and other associates. It is often said that leadership is defined by those whom one surrounds oneself. Trump’s administration included brazen grifters, pathological liars and criminals.

The conspiracy cabal laid out the blueprint that led to the breach of our congress and was aided by several congressional members within its hallowed chambers. The one hundred forty-seven members of congress who voted to reject certification ought to be charged as co-conspirators. Especially Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Raphael Cruz, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio and Chuck Grassley. These individuals lacked the fortitude, forthrightness and courage to uphold their constitutional oaths to the republic. Fear of the unhinged Donald John Trump was/is a great motivator.

Just to be clear, the date selected for Trumps’ rally was not by coincidence – don’t fall for this lie. It was chosen to disrupt the seated government from certifying the 2021 elections. This in and of itself is criminal act under our Construction.

Insurrection is a synonym for sedition. The crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey the government. “…Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States…” According to 18 U.S. Code § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection

This wasn’t a peaceful protest that turned violent, nor as some republican politicians suggested a casual unplanned "tour." The U.S. Capitol was closed to the public because of the Covid19 pandemic. This was an insurrection and although I’m not an attorney, I submit a treason and indictments ought to follow. Arguably, some of those who charged the police lines and at the Capitol were armed and had the intent of harm. Those identified as being inside the Capitol building on 06 January 2021 must be marched before federal magistrates, arraigned and administered the maximum penalties as defined by our nation’s laws. If not, the nation suffers and future attempts shall be made.

Some of the Republicans juxtapose/argue that the 01/06 insurrection was similar to the Black Live Matters protests. This is a false equation. The Black Lives Matter protests are/were against social injustices. As far as I know and have seen Black Lives Matter organizers and participants aren’t for the most part armed nor attempting to overthrow the United States government. Thus, the two are discrete occurrence in every manner of concept and deed. One where the utilization of police force was contained or restrained. The other where police and antagonist (e.g., Kyle Rittenhouse) used brutal and sometimes deadly force. One whereas the participants flaunted perceived privilege and disrupted a constitutional process. The other where participants and supporters sought human dignity and equal standing. The semantics aren’t close.

There are the Republican side of society, citizens, pundits and elected officials who are actively soliciting empathy of insurrectionists with their sentiments. Putting forth the notion that our nation is so polarized and divided that this was just a one-off by patriots. I submit that they are not patriots moreover thy are domestic terrorists. Furthermore, Of course, the nation is divided! Distinct political parties with subgroups based upon social, ethic, religious, racial, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, class and education would make it or any democracy thus!

The right-wing pundits state that if charges are demanded that the opposition is only seeking Political revenge which isn’t normally American politics modus operandi. They claim that a civil war will manifest should the culprits be charged in our courts and penalize. If that is the case, so be it, let it come and may it be the final battle to erase the “privileged” attitudes and define finally for all eternity what it is to be true patriots. The insurrectionists threatened our way of life without fear of consequences. They must be dealt with swiftly, without hesitation or remorse. If our judiciary and prosecutors do not next time the insurrectionists will succeed. Magistrates, Justices, politicos who do so are undermining our laws and should be removed.

This author through the grace of God is Virginian, natural born American citizen and thus all other contributing factors of my disposition are subsequent and irrelevant when in defense of the republic.

In closing, the Trump Administration was an unmitigated disaster leaving chaos in its wake, jerking the country and world from one crisis to another, hourly, for four years too many. Perhaps the most egregious offence to our nation and its people and the world to the was this administrations indifference to the COVID19 Pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of deaths (588k as of 22/06/21) could have been prevented if his administration formulated plans of combating the virus and a comprehensive vaccine delivery strategy. Donald John Trump abetted by right wing media personalities e.g., Jeanette Pirro, Tucker Carlson et al regulated the disease as nothing more than a flu defying scientists and basic common sense. They even weaponized the wearing of face masks!

The name Donald J Trump will live in infamy married to our nation’s history. His name will have multiple asterisks beside it wherever it is inscribed. Historian will mark his ascending to the presidency of the United States of America with abundant footnotes marred with scandal and his legacy forever stained with bad governance and blood.

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