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Josh Hawley

/ 25 May 2021

Josh HawleyU.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), collected millions of dollars immediately following the 06 January 2021 insurrection. Hawley voted in the U. S. Senate not to certify the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. Throughout his tenure as senator, he has supported Donald John Trump and aided the Trump Campaign promulgate the "Big Lie." The motto of his home state of Missouri is, “Show Me.”

Josh has shown us in his public history that he has two vastly different opposite personas. Which begs the question how can one be from a privileged lifestyle, private high school, attend Stanford and Yale Universities, relate to the common and average constitute in his state? The answer is simple, he cannot. Josh has whored himself to the highest bidders raising an astronomical amount of money for his campaign war chest and the most guidable to ascend rapidly to the highest echelons of power, with a hope of the U.S. presidency. He is reckless and calculating – don’t underestimate this charlatan.

Josh Hawley is dangerous as he plays U.S. Senator. I cannot understand why for instance our congressional leadership allows individuals like him that participated in, supported and appeared at the “Big Lie” “Stop the Steal” rally to be seated on committees which are charged with investigating them. This is counterproductive to the process.

Josh’s history of anger prior to entering politics is alarming. He has often since teenager slutted himself out to the extremists’ views. Take for example at age 15 his expressed sympathy regarding Domestic Terrorist Timothy McVeigh. Hawley is in our opinion, as most of the insurrectionist, are despicably angry terrorists. They fear the loss of privilege as the perceived or real, browning of America, its undeniable racist.

Hawley has on great ambition not to be a public servant helping others moreover to use anyone achieve power. He is as his idol and mentor Donald John Trump a clear imminent and dangerous threat to our democratic republic. He and those with similar character deficiencies like him must be stopped or we the people lose.

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