Our Mission


/ 04 April 2021

SeditionAfter much thought and consideration, we decided to launch this web portal to spotlight the individuals whom we believe are a threat to our Democratic Republic. We launched this website to keep their acts and names in the forefront of the nation and the world. It is our objective to spotlight their actions, raise awareness to their seditious actions online and to also raise funding for social media and advertisement campaigns in their districts. It's a monumental grassroots endeavor but with your assistance we can take down some if not all of them. Some of course would very much like to see incarcerated in the near future.

After the historic Impeachment vote, 57-43 in the U.S. Senate of course we are disappointed but we must regroup and reflect on the process and those senators who voted to not convict Donald J Trump and of Trump inciting insurrection against our Union on 01/06/20. These domestic terrorists have won a battle but not the war. The Republican Party has lost far greater, it's honor and credibility. Although this setback is disappointing and frustrating, we were given a blueprint as to what needs to be corrected in our laws to preserve and make our nation stronger.

There were eight senators and 139 representatives who voted to sustain one or both objections to the certification of the 2020 Presidential elections [ list of names here]†

We have no doubt that the majority of citizens of our great nation are loyal patriots. Those who attacked our capitol were fascist, an extreme far-right mob absent of cognitive rational reasoning capabilities. Their eyes were too full of hate to see the ignorance of their actions. It is now incumbent upon us to marshal all of our energies, resources both tangible and intangible to defeat the 147 insurgent enablers who have disgraced our nationís sacred covenant, traditions and norms.

They have enabled the ďBig LieĒ and thereby enabled Trumpís incitement of the greatest domestic terrorist attack on our nation. If we do nothing the dissolution of our republic is imminent. There were not any logical, legal questions of jurisdiction nor precedent which the senators can use to codify their votes to acquit Trump. None whatsoever. Do not believe the lies by the republican senators who voted not to convict because of jurisdiction concerns. These United Senators (Republicans) were derelict in their duties. They were seated to serve our nation as a collective deliberate body duly sworn to protect and defend the U.S Constitution and its citizens. Every dissenting senator and representative must be held accountable. With their votes not to convict they have allowed the festering of an open wound in our body politic. This will surely add fuel to and for future insurrections, itís not if but when. Remember their names, mobilize now, not tomorrow, recruit viable primary challengers and opposition candidates. Every noble citizen has a responsibility and duty to do this going forward to. This cannot be allowed to stand. It must not be given passive attention. The American electorate must demand character as the foremost of perquisites for any and all future political aspirants. The unequivocal litmus tests prior to affixing any candidates name to any ballot for any office of public trust. The Walls of our Democracy were breached, they must be reinforced to deter a fatal assault.

And lastly, the judiciary must exsert the maximum penalty against those arraigned and charged with crimes against the republic. The jurist whom these criminal acts will appear before must be held accountable. Leniency is not an option.

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